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Setting up payments

How do I set up payments?
When your contract is issued to you for electronic signature we will also email out our direct debit & centrepay payment deduction forms during this process for you to sign and complete which will enable us to make deductions on your behalf using either Direct Debit or through Centrepay.

Do I have to make my first payment before I can receive the package?
As most of our customers prefer to use Centrepay to pay for their rental items this can take up to 2 weeks for Centrepay to kick in and be active. So rather than waiting we usually would like to take your first fortnightly payment upfront which will cover you for the first 2 weeks of your rental.

Getting my order

What happens after I submit my paperwork?
That’s when the fun bit begins! Once we’ve received your paperwork and we've set up your payments to be deducted from your nominated Centrepay account or bank via Direct Debit, we’ll dispatch your product out to you the following day - and you should receive it within 10 business days. 

Account balance

​How do I check what’s been paid?
To check your account balance with Ezy Living Rentals simply call our office number on 1300 EZY LIVING and speak to one of our friendly staff who will more than happy to check your balance on the spot!

Financial hardship

What if I’m having Financial Hardship?
If you are experiencing any financial hardship whilst renting with Ezy living Rentals we can assist and work with you to ensure the best outcome possible. Visit the following link for more details -

What if I can’t make payments?
Please contact our Ezy Living Rentals staff on 1300 EZY LIVING to discuss your payment situation and to arrange a possible payment extension.

Can I cancel my payments?
Ezy Living Rentals is here to help! We would love if you could contact us beforehand to let us know if you do need to cancel your payments or request an extentsion. Have a friendly chat with us to discuss any financial options that may be of interest and to help you get back on track with your payments. If we do not hear from you your account will be in default which means we will need to enact our Debt Collection procedures.  

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