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What Centrelink benefits do you accept?
Ezy Living Rentals makes it “Ezy” and affordable for customers to make regular repayments and not needing to worry about anything. We are one of the few companies in Australia that accept Centrepay payments using your government benefit making it hassle free to rent your favourite item!

Is it cheaper to buy outright?
In most circumstances renting an item is general more expensive that buying an item outright. We will always recommend customers to do their research and if better financially to buy the item outright. However, the benefits of renting is you get our full servicing and warranty over the duration of your rental contract and the option to upgrade!

How To Apply

Do you have a limit on the number of items I can rent?
You can order up to 3 main products at any one time assuming it meets our maximum weekly rental allowed amount which is generally around $60 per week. You will also have the opportunity to become eligible to apply for additional products 3 months into your rental contract however an income test will need to be completed to ensure affordability is met.

How do I complete an application online?
Completing an online rental application can be done in just a few minutes by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button located at the top of the website or simply when browsing through our products you will also see the option to ‘Apply Now’ once the item has been added to your cart. Along the way we will need to verify your income and expenses before finalizing your contract. Once your application is approved, your contract will be sent electronically along with other supporting documents such as the payment deduction form for you to sign with either your computer, laptop, tablet or iphone! It’s that easy!

Is it safe entering my personal details online?
The Ezy Living Rentals website is secured by GeoTrust®, so you can be confident that the information you are entering through our online forms that is shared between your internet browser and our website servers are fully secure, private and confidential.

Why do I need to complete a bank verification check and provide my bank details online?
Ezy Living Rentals is a financial credit provider, it is part of our requirements under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act to ensure that renting is the right decision for you and will not place you under unnecessary financial hardship.

Financial Assessment

How do I provide my bank statement
For us to accurately verify your income and the fastest way to get you approved we require a recent bank statement. We use a secure and reputable Australian company called Bankstatements. You can check them out here The process is very simply and automated and will take no more than 2 minutes to complete and you won’t even have to email anything! You can check out the actual process here!

Why was my application denied?
During the application process it is a requirement for Ezy Living Rentals to run a series of assessments before making any final decisions. Below is an overview of the checks we run and some of the reasons your application may have been denied:

Additional Credit Check
If you have three or more current SACCs (‘small amount credit contracts’ otherwise known as ‘pay day’ loans), or rentals from other providers, your application will be denied.

20% Income Check
Subject and in addition to the monetary limit as set out in number (12) below, in order for us to approve your order, rental payments must not exceed 20% of your total monthly income from your government benefit &/or employment income paid into your bank account. If they do, unfortunately, your application will be denied.

Same Day Spend Check
A financial assessment will be completed on your income and expenses to evaluate your amount of available disposable income for the purposes of renting an item. If you spend the majority of your income within the first day of receiving it, your application will be denied.

Credit Check
To assess your eligibility, a credit check assessment is performed by an external party. If you have any severe credit infringements, your application will be denied.

Defaulted Payment Check
Should you have any previous Ezy Living Rentals rentals we will perform a defaulted payment check on your account. If you have defaulted on your payments, meaning you have stopped payments altogether from a previous rental and the default was not remedied, your application will be denied.

Dishonour Check
If there have previously been eight or more failed attempts to debit repayments from your bank account from other direct debit payments you have set up with other services, your application will be denied.

Suitability Check
As part of our responsible lending obligation we make it clear that renting is more expensive than buying, so if you declared during your application that you want to buy the product outright or that you could afford to buy that product for cash then we feel that buying the product is the better choice for you and therefore renting is not appropriate and your application will be denied.

Delivery Restriction Check
Whilst we provide free delivery throughout Australia, we are not able to deliver white goods and larger items to certain locations. It's not all bad though - we can deliver a range of entertainment and computer products to those areas

Age Check
Like all providers of Credit, to be eligible for a rental with Ezy Living Rentals all applicants must be over the age of eighteen (18) at the time of application.

Multiple Orders and Order Frequency Check
To avoid causing our customers potential financial hardship through multiple rentals, if you’ve submitted a recent application you’ll need to wait 90 days before re-applying, otherwise your application will be denied. Or, if you’ve got an outstanding application in the system that you would like to swap for another item instead, simply get in touch with us to complete the process.

Rental Value Check
In addition to the income check set out in number 2, as part of our financial responsibility, applications are capped at a total rental value of $50 per week, including any additional accessories. Your rental application will be denied if it’s more than $50 per week (a total rental fee of $7,800 over 36 months).

Why didn’t I pass a credit check?
Ezy Living Rentals assesses each individually case per case and from time to time a credit check will fail due to a number of factors which are out of our control. If we feel your credit is not in the best shape we need to be responsible to ensure we do not place you in further hardship.

Financial Assessment
What Centrelink benefits do you accept?
Ezy Living Rentals makes it “Ezy” and affordable for customers to make regular repayments and not needing to worry about anything. We accept Centrepay

Internet Banking
What Centrelink benefits do you accept?
Ezy Living Rentals makes it “Ezy” and affordable for customers to make regular repayments and not needing to worry about anything. We accept Centrepay

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